5 Free or Cheap Resources for Your Blog or Business


Running a small business or a blog can often be a daunting and costly task. It’s important not only to have functional products, but also proper brand appearance. Fortunately, having beautiful images, websites, fonts, and business cards doesn’t have to be expensive! We’re sharing our favorite cheap and free resources below.

  1. Creative Market – This one isn’t free, but it is inexpensive. You can find everything from fonts to flyer templates to WordPress themes. All of them are of great quality and professionally designed.
  2. Font Squirrel – Ridiculous name. Awesome Fonts. All the fonts on font squirrel are licensed for commercial use and FREE.
  3. Unsplash – This is a free, royalty free, image source with a focus on high-quality images.
  4. VistaPrint – Vistaprint is a fast, affordable way to obtain professionally printed items at a very affordable rate. They also have professionally designed templates on nearly all their items, making your design time even less.
  5. Dribbble – This one doesn’t provide much in the way of downloads or templates, but it does provide a great source of inspiration. Dribbble is a community of amazing designers sharing their work. You can search for inspiration on logos, brochures, etc.

Have a favorite design source we left off? Let us know in the comments below. Need some additional help with your next design project? Get in touch- ben@parkermariedesign.com

photo via scstockshop.com

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